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Youll have that tat for life
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It was a 2004 gang-related murder that had frustrated Los Angeles police for four years until a homicide investigator, paging through gangbangers’ photographs for another case, spotted an elaborate tattoo on the chest of Anthony Garcia.
Evidently, that 2004 killing was such a milestone in Garcia’s life that he had commemorated the liquor store crime scene on his chest.
The investigation was reopened, eventually leading to a surreptitious confession by Garcia and, in April, to his conviction for first-degree murder.
Photos from Garcia’s several bookings between 2004 and 2008 show his mural actually evolving as he added details — until the crime scene was complete enough that the investigator recognized it.
You gotta admit,
they were
asking for it
People sometimes have illicit sex in cemeteries, and when they get really aggressive, tombstones may fall over on top of them.
A randy 39-year-old woman was injured in Hamilton, N.J., in June after a gravestone rolled onto her leg at the Ahavath Israel Cemetery.
That’d sure
make you ‘go’
Motorists who stop along the side of the road at night to relieve themselves are often not careful enough.
In May, a specialty unit from the Renton, Wash., Fire Department was required in order to rescue a urinator who accidentally fell down a 30-foot embankment in south King County and was trapped for several hours.
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