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No more excuses
Advance voting makes electoral process easier
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There is still time for Barton County voters to apply for advanced ballots for the Nov. 6 General Election, and there are plenty of ways to make this happen. Registered voters may contact the Barton County Clerk’s Office either by mail, by phone or in person for an application for an advanced voting ballot.
An elector can vote in the clerk’s office until noon on the day preceding said Election, Monday, Nov. 5, in this case.
An application for an advanced ballot for someone who is sick/disabled/illiterate may be filed during the regular advanced ballot application period until the close of polls on the day of the election. Affidavits of Assistance forms are available to assist another elector in the application and voting processes.  
All advanced ballots must be delivered to the County Election Officer before the close of the polls at 7 p.m. election day.  A registered voter no longer has to be “sick or disabled” or “out of the county” on the day of the Election in order to vote in advance of the election.  
Ballots will not be counted until Election Day.
Here are some important deadlines to remember:
• Noon, Friday, Nov. 2: Deadline to apply for advanced ballots to be mailed.
• Noon, Monday, Nov. 5: Deadline for voters to vote advanced ballots in person in the Office of the County Clerk/Election Officer.
• Tuesday, Nov. 6: Deadline for sick/disabled/illiterate voters to apply for an advanced voting ballot.
• Tuesday, Nov. 6: Advanced ballots must be returned to the County Clerk’s Office by 7 p.m.
 This is going to be a close election. And, now, in addition to a tight presidential race, there are local contests of great importance.
Changes making the advance voting process easier are there to assure more of us head to the polls. There are no more excuses to miss casting a ballot and it is up to us to make our opinions heard.
Dale Hogg