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Pitching in
Community weathers the storm
Life on the Ark.jpg

Mondays are usually one of the busiest days of the week at the Great Bend Tribune, as we dive into a new week and put out the Tuesday edition. This week, we couldn’t even get started with some of our regular chores until 2 p.m., because Sunday’s storm had knocked out the electricity in 100% of Great Bend.

We spent the interim collecting information, taking photos, talking to fellow residents about their experiences, and cleaning up our own homes. Like other residents of the community, our residences had been battered by wind, rain and hail.

It is always encouraging in times such as these to see the people who step forward to help others in need. Some were doing the jobs they are trained and paid to do, while others were volunteers.

While we are reminded of all of the good in our community, we are also reminded that a few bad actors take advantage of situations such as this to make a quick buck. That is why we look to trusted, licensed professionals such as roofers or tree trimmers, as opposed to unknown storm chasers with questionable credentials. There are trustworthy souls and they totally outnumber the bad actors, thank goodness.

Our utility workers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, street crews and others answered the call, working together to solve programs and lend a hand where needed. Some services were canceled Monday while the electricity was off. The Red Cross blood drive in Great Bend was canceled. If you want to make an appointment for another opportunity to donate blood, visit the website

There are always people out there who need help. Whether you are one of them or one of the helpers, it is great to be part of a community that cares.