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Politicians must be held accountable
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To the editor:

What is a politician? The best that I can see, they are pretty much someone that convinces you that they have your best interest in mind when in fact they are professional spenders. They make a career of spending your money. They get your vote by buying what impresses their voters. Not what is good for the voters. They are a lot like rebate shoppers. They sell you something for $10,000 that is only worth $6,000 then give you $2,000 of your own money back and convince you they did you a great big favor. They get votes by giving away enough to buy your vote. Like taking a child to a candy store and saying get what you want. Our friends are paying for it.

The problem is there are to many different wants. By the time they buy enough votes to get elected there is not enough money to go around. They buy you fancy school buses for the few people that it impresses. And turf for another group that it impresses. With total disregard for the people that are not impressed but have to pay for it. They try to convince you that by getting other government departments to pay for part of it, it will save you money. Something like if you take half of the money out of your right pocket, then get the rest out of your left pocket, somehow it costs less.

Politicians need to be held accountable. They need to be graded on what they do for their public’s best interest, not what they do for each special interest group. George H.W. Bush had a name for it. He called it Voodoo Economics. Wake up people. The government makes no money. They earn no money. They only spend your money. Vote.

Vote not for your own selfish interest but for what is best for the entire community. Best for the taxpayers. Don’t leave your children with an enormous debt. Leave them with some hope of economic survival.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend