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The president-elect has a big job ahead
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To Honorable Joe Biden, President-elect:

I want to sincerely congratulate you on your win. Although I did not vote for you I accept the outcome of the election. The people have spoken and you are now my president. Unlike the Democratic party that spent the entire four years trying to get Donald Trump out of office instead of working for the American people that were paying their salaries. Your pick of vice president was excellent. She is undoubtably a good person. I am not sure of her ability to govern but she was sure enough a good vote getter. I accept both of you and wish you well. 

You say that you can bring the country back together. Well if you can and do what you promised, you will have my respect. The ball is in your court, now let’s see how you play the game. The American people have put their trust in you. It is time to earn their trust. It is time for our leaders to unite and take this country back from the looters and burners. It is time to give our law enforcement their due respect. We have become a nation of lawlessness and disrespect.

You say that the pandemic is priority one. Well, I say that there is a much worse threat to our nation. It is called disrespect. You have a great task ahead of you, I just hope that you are up to it.

Mr. President-elect, you have my respect. It is up to you to earn my support. Again, congratulations and best wishes sincerely.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend