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Republican wants to make party more compassionate
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To the editor:

As someone who is now a new “liberal/progressive” Republican, I believe that the national party must change in fundamental ways if it is to be at all competitive with the national Democratic Party in the years beginning in 2042-2044 when over 50% of the USA will be “non-white.” Here are my recommendations:

The party needs to appeal more to groups that it has little appeal to now, and it needs to genuinely care more about these groups especially at the national level.

I will fight for the national Republican Party to do much more to help the lower and middle classes, the poor, the near-poor, and senior citizens.

I will fight for the national party to not be in favor of making cuts to federal government social programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, college student loans, and Unemployment Insurance benefits.  

I will fight for the party to stand against white-nationalism/supremacy and sexism.

I will fight for the national Republican Party to stand in favor of the total equality of women including being in favor of equal pay for equal work for women as well as in favor of heavily-fining and imprisoning predators who commit sexual harassment and all other forms of sexual abuse and assault.

Lastly, I will fight for the passage of a federal government national health insurance program/plan that is the same one that Ontario, Canada, has, but not “Medicare-for-all” which would be much more costly and fiscally irresponsible.

Join me in trying to make the national Republican Party more humane, compassionate, and caring.

Stewart B. Epstein

Rochester, New York