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Republicans always yank voters’ football away
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Dear editor,

It once was as predictable as end-of-October Halloween and fall football. Charlie Brown lined up the football, prepared to kick it far, far beyond the goalposts – and then what?    

You know the story. Lucy betrayed him – again! As she jerked the football away, Charlie’s indomitable, unceasing, heroic effort fell flat, leaving him planted on his posterior, pondering yet again how he could possibly have trusted Lucy, despite an unending history of warning signs. 

After October, November’s election looms. And voting Republicans are the new Charlie Browns. 

Warning signs are in place. Kansas has only recently begun to pluck itself from Brownbackian depths of despair. The way out has never been so clear. 

Yet other signs, whether yard and pasture, news reports, or private conversations, suggest R’s may fall for it again, leaving us mired in a 50-yard-line mudhole. 

So tight are their blinders that Republicans voted out six of their most reasonable Representatives in the Primary.

Lucifer’s Lucy-like Kansas Republican candidates salivate at keeping those blinders on. With rare exceptions, they simply refuse to debate.

Case in point: In populous, solid-center Salina, the League of Women Voters arranged a forum for 1st District Congressman, Attorney General, and Secretary of State. Every. Single. Democrat. agreed to show up. Not. One. Republican. did so. And only one even offered the courtesy of a response. 

Rep. Marshall did one debate on Wichita TV, but refused to show up in person, in-studio, and in-district for his-home-office Salina’s radio debate next morning. As he said, he’s not campaigning.  

Alan LaPolice met the people, live and in person. While AG Derek Schmidt phones in, Democrat Sarah Swain appears live and in person.

Republican candidates have no respect for you. They don’t think you can think. Because if you actually heard both sides, you wouldn’t vote for them. 

They have a Big Money offensive line. But don’t let them run you over. 

You have the power. This your Democracy. Your voice and vote count. You hold the football, not them. 

We all know what’s at stake here: And it is not Peanuts.

David Norlin