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Save the endangered socialists
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To the editor:

About two weeks ago, I received what I thought was a funny, although anonymous response from an article I had printed in a local newspaper. The writer congratulated me on the wonderful satirical article I had written and encouraged me to write more. The funny thing was, it wasn’t supposed to be satire and I’m sure the writer knew it!

But, I thought, what the heck; that is kind of a fun idea. So here is some political satire (I hope).

Like Obama, Biden must pass many more bills in the name of ecological and environmental preservation that make infrastructure repair and electrical grid renovation too expensive to allow the involvement of the private sector. Obviously, the preservation of flowers like Tiehm’s buckwheat is much more important than increasing public health and economic stability.

Meanwhile, the government can siphon $ billions of taxpayers’ money to their inefficient cronies in the name of infrastructure repair; the rich getting richer through corruption and kickbacks while the poor get poorer; directly employ millions more governmental workers while keeping the private sector out of the development and distribution of energy. What a huge step forward toward a socialistic America and all done so very simply, quietly and subtlety!

It is wonderful that Biden has already continued this project started by Obama through canceling the Keystone Pipeline project and discouraging fracking of domestic oil. In just a few years, our infrastructure and distribution of electricity will function every bit as efficiently as our government-administrated Post Office system and America will look a lot like Venezuela. Meanwhile, we can continue to enjoy Tiehm’s buckwheat and other equally important ecological phenomena to the very fullest!

Don McCullough