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School district should understand ‘no’
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To the editor:

What does the word “no” mean? The school district does not seem to know. You would think as educated people they would know. It does not mean maybe, it doesn’t mean I’ll think about it next year, it does not mean try for a little less, it means no.

The fact they are willing to settle for less is a clue that they were trying for more than they needed to start with.

They just bought three new vehicles, two of which were Suburbans. A Suburban is a very expensive vehicle, certainly not needed. There are several options if they were needed at all that would be more cost effective. I ask the citizens to watch for these vehicles to see how many times these vehicles will be seen driving around with one or two passengers. I would venture to guess most of the time. The Suburban is a means to drive around in the lap of luxury, certainly not a need — just another want.

Start using the money in a responsible manner and there will be enough for the needs. No bond and no more taxes. Have you ever noticed that the more we spend on education, the less quality education we get? The young people cannot even count change without a computer or a calculator. These young people are not stupid, they are just under-educated. We throw a computer at them and say look for it yourself. We don’t teach them to write any more; just type it in your taxpayer-furnished computer.

We want to attract industry to Great Bend. Well that will not happen until we can give them quality workers. We cannot retain a quality work force by taxing to excess to pay for foolish wants. Just the thoughts of an uneducated country hick.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend