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Thank you readers and advertisers
Thank you readers and advertisers
During this season of gratitude, we at the Great Bend Tribune want to take the opportunity to say “thank you” to our readers and our advertisers.
The past few years have been challenging for small businesses and also local newspapers around the country. The Tribune continues to evolve to the changing lifestyles and ways in which our readers access and consume local news. After 147 years we are still standing tall, telling the story of our community and its residents, and for that we are proud and thankful.

We appreciate you, our loyal readers who so often let us know how important the newspaper is to you. Thank you to the many who understand times and technology have changed. Thank you for encouraging us to continue covering local news and exercising the 1st Amendment, holding officials accountable, and ensuring a vibrant and healthy community in which we raise our families.

We also extend our sincerest appreciation to our advertisers for choosing to partner with us. Your confidence in us is a testament to the value we aim to provide. Your support enables us to maintain the high standards our readers expect, and we look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to reach and engage our shared local interested audiences.

In a rapidly changing media landscape, your support is more vital than ever, and we are truly grateful for the role you play in our community. As we embark on a new year together, we remain committed to delivering content that enriches and connects us all.

Thank you once again, to our readers and ad partners, for being an integral part of our community and staying connected to what matters. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges that the future holds, and we are excited to continue with you by our side.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Judy Duryee, Publisher