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Thanks to all who helped
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To the editor:

So many good people came to our rescue when Gary fell and got hurt at Vets Lake dock ramp on Sunday, Aug. 18, while feeding the swans and ducks. I wish we knew who they were. They were so thoughtful to help. It is now going to be seven weeks and he is still in the hospital. 

The ambulance people, Great Bend hospital, air ambulance helicopter that took him to Wichita and the Hoisington hospital all took such real good care of him. Wichita sent him to the Hoisington hospital to get well. 

We are so blessed to have people who care enough to stop and help you. Thanks to all of you whoever you were. If it wasn’t for all of you he might not have made it. 

God bless you all!

Gary and Pat Hinson

Great Bend