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Thanks to blood donors for giving
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To the editor,

Thank you for supporting blood drives this season.

Every two seconds someone will need blood. That is why supporting blood drives through the American Red Cross is vital - all year long. We just made our goal by three. We need more blood donors constantly because some of our regular donors may be unable to donate and the need is constant.

American Red Cross wants to thank everyone who gave their time to come and donate blood Monday Nov. 16th. I want to thank St. Rose for the use of their auditorium. And RSVP for all of their help. Couldn’t have a blood drive without all your help and volunteers. Also thank you to Dairy Queen for the great ice cream you provided for us. Fort Zarah Unit provides the cookies served and we thank you ladies for the cookies

you  provide.

Please call 1-800-RED-CROSS to schedule an appointment for the next drive. Join your family and friends at St. Rose auditorium for the Great Bend Community Blood Drive Jan. 18th, 2021.

Needing a supply of blood is an ongoing thing and Great Bend plays a very important role in helping to ensure that blood is available to the over 100 hospitals served the American Red Cross Central Plains Region. I encourage you to spread the word about the need for and please give as often as possible.

Someone somewhere needs blood and you can help by giving.

Corry Herrman

Blood Drive Chair

Great Bend