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Thanks for fire response
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To the editor:

This last week we had the misfortune to have a fire at the Zarah at Main and Lakin. We would like to thank the fire department for their extremely quick response. They literally got there within seconds. They had the fire out quickly.

In addition, they had several other fire departments come to town in case they were needed (they have an agreement for mutual help – great idea!). Thankfully, the fire did not grow larger as it could have spread to other buildings easily. Chief Luke McCormick kept us informed throughout the ordeal.

Also thanks to our police department for aiding in the blockage of our streets and the evacuation of the adjoining buildings to keep our citizens safe. We even saw city administrator Kendal Francis unload bottled water for the first responders.

Thanks again, for all your hard work in the cold.

Sheryl Cheely

MyTown, LP

Great Bend