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The high price of Biden’s blunder in Kabul
Michael Reagan

So what else could President Biden possibly screw up?

Our commander in chief and his woke generals have blown the evacuation of Kabul so badly that even CNN and MSNBC have had to cover it.

For the last month, Biden assured us that when our military left Kabul it wasn’t going to be a humiliation like Saigon in 1975.

It sure wasn’t. It was much worse – and it’s far from over.

We’re just starting to witness the deadly costs of the Biden administration’s back-ass-wards evacuation of Afghanistan’s capital.

Safely evacuating tens of thousands of American citizens and Afghans who risked their lives to help us for 20 years from a city surrounded by the enemy is not rocket science, it’s just Military Science 101.

First, while you hold on to your soldiers and air power for protection, you get all the civilians out – women and children first.

Next you get your fancy military equipment out – untold billions worth of it – so, um, your enemy doesn’t get to use it.

Then, after a look around to make sure no one is left behind, you pull your soldiers out – and say goodbye to America’s longest war.

But when it came time to leave Afghanistan, Joe Biden and his generals – most of whom apparently were asleep at their big desks in D.C. – pulled the soldiers out first and the civilians out second.

America’s fully televised screw-up in Kabul will go down in history as a metaphor for the foolish way we fought and lost the war in Afghanistan.

“Kaos in Kabul,” or however CNN will brand it, will also be remembered as the event that showed the whole world what many of us already knew – that Joe Biden is mentally unfit to be president and his entire administration is as incompetent as he is.

Biden’s public response to the chaos in Kabul this week was pathetic.

After the world watched several days of unforgettable images from Kabul’s airport, he finally emerged from his vacation hideaway at Camp David to speak on TV to the American people.

He read a 19-minute speech trying to explain why leaving Afghanistan was the right thing to do and blaming Afghanistan’s leaders and army for the crisis at Kabul’s airport and the quick takeover of the country by the Taliban.

Then he turned and shuffled off backstage without answering a single question.

Can you imagine any other president doing that? And then hopping on Marine One and being whisked back to his vacation at Camp David?

“Excuse me, I’ve got to get back. I was lining up a long putt on the 12th green.”

Biden’s speech and his later interview with ABC’s veteran left-handed softball pitcher, George Stephanopoulos, were further proof of his growing dementia and his obsession with undoing Trump’s successful policies.

Anti-Trump energy policy, anti-Trump immigration policy, anti-Trump tax cuts, anti-Trump Iranian deal – whatever Trump did right, Biden quickly un-did in his first eight months.

Now it’s Afghanistan.

Biden, naturally, blames the Kabul fiasco on Trump and his deal with the Taliban, but even the Trump-deranged liberal media aren’t buying it – not yet, anyway.

After all, it was Biden’s inept generals who pulled out of Bagram Air Base, ended U.S. air support and left behind the modern weaponry for the Taliban goat herders to play with.

Trump’s evacuation plan for the American military in Kabul might not have gone perfectly. We’ll never know.

But I bet it wouldn’t have left thousands of Americans stranded in a brutal nightmare, plus it included Trump’s threat to the Taliban leaders to behave themselves in the future, or else.

I’m really angry at the killings that Biden’s blunders are going to cause in Afghanistan and what his botched exit from Kabul has done to America’s global reputation.

Who’s going to fear or trust us now with him in the Oval Office?

What do you think Iran’s mullahs and China’s Communist Party are thinking they can get away with?

And how would you like to be the president of Taiwan and know your country’s survival depends on the faulty judgment and diminished mind of Joe Biden.

Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, is an author, speaker and president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. Send comments to and follow @reaganworld on Twitter