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There are still good people in the world
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To the editor,

Last Saturday I came out of Dillons with my son and a lady ran up to me and gave me a dozen red roses, said in memory of her mother. I didn’t get her name but I want her to know what a blessing she gave me! 

I’ve never had a dozen roses.

Then, a few weeks ago I went into Dillons early for a cake. None there. I told a lady clerk I wanted a birthday cake and she went in back, brought one out, took it to check-out and paid for it! God bless her.

Then a young clerk (Dillons) always checks me out on Saturday. She asked my name long ago and now calls me by name every time. Another blessing for me!

Then my son takes me shopping every Saturday. I can’t walk good or lift anything but he never complains! 

I’m 93 years old and there are still good, kind people around in the crazy world. God bless them all!

Jackie Pritchard