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There is life other than sports
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To the editor:

The city wants to spend 1.4 million of your tax dollars for turf for the Sports Complex.

They say they would like to have $3.5 million but will do you a great big favor and settle for $1.4 million. Wow we really appreciate that. We are in a crucial time. Our businesses are hurting, our people are hurting.

Many citizens are struggling to survive but they want to spend $1.4 million on something not needed and the worst part they want to send your money to Texas. I am sure that Texas will appreciate that. 

They also are trying to sell you on the fact that the city will only have to pay for 60% and the rec commission and school district will pay the rest. Well friends and neighbors where do you think that the rec center and school district get their money from? Your tax dollars. So what makes the difference? And what ever happened to spend locally to support the local economy. We are more and more spending our money with out-of-county contractors and, even worse, out-of-state contractors. These people are professional sales people. Someone that can sell you something you do not want, do not need and cannot afford. And when they get through, make you believe they did you a big favor.

If our city takes your money and gives it to Texas, every one that votes for it should be recalled for incompetence. There are many projects that need attention much more than the sports facilities. We have streets than are in desperate need of repair. You wouldn’t know it by their priorities but there is life other than sports.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend