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Trump, like Clinton, deserves impeachment
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To the editor:

In 1998 Senator Roberts voted that either one of the following alone should result in removal of the president: perjury related to inappropriate sexual behavior, or obstruction of justice related to the same.

The first of these was a crime, though arguably not a “high crime” — i.e. one connected to the power of the office. I believe the second one should have resulted in removal of Mr. Clinton from office.

Now we have a president who refuses to testify, presumably to avoid perjury; who has obstructed congressional investigations; and who has abused his power, this time related to damaging our national security. And yes, he also violated laws. He blackmailed a foreign leader (solicitation of bribery — a specific cause for impeachment named in the Constitution), and he withheld enacted military aid from a besieged ally (violation of the Impoundment Control Act). Please insist Senator Roberts be consistent with his previous principles and vote to remove this president from office.

Call Senator Roberts today at 202-224-4774, and write him at 109 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510.

Richard Kasbeer

Monterey, Calif.