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The USA needs a Citizens Movement
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To the editor:

Do any of your readers have any ideas on how we could start up a coast-to-coast citizen “movement” directed to the U.S. Congress, about how very, very unhappy we, the electorate, citizens of this country are with them? The whole congressional system, Republicans and Democrats, are corrupt (their immediate families are excused from their educational loans); abuse their power for their own self-interest, ignoring “conflict of interest;” have a premium type of medical insurance (not like Medicare or private insurance which they have to pay for); have salary for life upon retirement, allow lobbying, allow very wealthy persons to “buy elections,” and are mainly interested in getting re-elected. “Going to the polls,” doesn’t really seem to have any real impact. And everyone knows there will never be a law for “term limits,” as badly as it is needed.  

Tom Bauer 

Great Bend