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America is officially a ‘Banana Republic’
jim misunas
Jim Misunas

The political prosecution of former President Donald Trump illustrates how no one in safe in America.

The case against Trump was always about election interference. The case wouldn’t been brought against anyone else.

The goal of the New York judicial system was to label their party’s chief political presidential opponent as a felon.

Not one judge, political expert or ‘talking head’ on television on Thursday proclaimed, “Yes, the prosecution achieved a rock-solid case that proved Trump was guilty without a reasonable doubt.”

Yes, Trump was judged guilty, but none of the political experts could identify exactly what he was guilty of.

Every phase of the U.S. judicial system has made Trump a target.

“American Democracy” is officially on life support, thanks to autocratic Democrats and a judge who made the rules up as he went along.

Everyone in America should condemn the weaponization of the U.S. judicial system.

The United States has turned into a Banana Republic, thanks to Democratic coordination.

That’s the same Democratic party that endorses a wide-open U.S. border that is gradually destroying our country. The foreign invasion of America has made every corner of the nation less safe.

The first clue cards were being stacked against President Trump occurred when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey banned him from expressing his First Amendment right to free speech.

The U.S. Constitution and freedom of speech for every U.S. citizen is at stake.

Here’s what ‘Third World’ governments do –

# The presidential sector overrules or ignores state legislators and the court system.

# Takes control of the propaganda message through national media with like-minded supporters.

# Restricts freedom of speech for anyone who disagrees with the preferred message.

# Arrest, prosecute political opponents.

# Arrest, prosecute anyone who supports political opponents – for example, Jan. 6 protesters.