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At least consider family values
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It seems in today’s society there is little that will get you in trouble quicker than to dare to stand up for traditional families.
Mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma and grandpa visit on the weekend, kids respect elders, you know — TV before Norman Lear.
Mike Huckabee felt the fast and furious reaction this past week when he dared to suggest that traditional families are better than raising children without them.
According to the Associated Press report: “Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says he wasn’t criticizing Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman when he suggested her pregnancy was glamorizing the idea of having children outside of marriage.
“Huckabee on Friday accused ‘the Hollywood media’ of distorting comments he made about Portman in a radio interview Monday. “Huckabee said in that interview that it was ‘troubling’ to see Portman or other celebrities having children while unmarried.
“Portman is expecting her first child with her fiance.”
Judging from the TV gossip columnists’ breathless excitement over the newest celebrity single mom’s “baby bump,” the rest of America is left presuming that our values are of little value to these talking-box pundits.
There are many areas of life where we do not live up to the highest of standards, but does that really mean that we should have no standards at all?
Most of us can’t run a four-minute mile, or run a mile at all. By this example, we should detest those whose hard work has made them fit to compete at the Olympics.
Rather than hope that we can live up to family standards, let’s just drop them all and attack anyone who suggests they were important in the first place.
Huckabee is probably wishing he’d just kept his mouth shut, but this is a topic that is deserving of national consideration.
Just because we have bent over backwards to support alternative families is no reason that we, as a nation, should just spit on traditional standards.
— Chuck Smith