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Baylors shame
Hiding the truth

Baylor head football coach Art Briles has been dismissed. Baylor President Kenneth Starr will apparently still teach at Baylor.
There’s no doubt Briles will find another job. The multi-millionaire is an offensive genius. His coaching skill overrides the fact what he knew about off-field crimes committed by Baylor football players.
Dolores Lozano said football coaches and university officials knew she was physically abused by a Baylor football player. Waco police, a tumbling coach, a university chaplain and counselors were also aware of the situation.
The perpetrator scored 18 touchdowns in two seasons following Lozano’s allegations. Several Baylor women reported being the victims of assaults, some sexual in nature.
As for Starr, why would this guy have a job at Baylor? Starr has zero credibility, especially after his infamous TV interview with a Waco, Texas station where he changed his answer every time he was asked the exact same question. What’s amazing is Baylor supporters paid for a full-page ad thanking Starr for his service.
Baylor interim President David Garland has indicated that the school will hide a full report evidence presented by investigator Pepper Hamilton. The documents are available at
Hamilton’s investigation was brilliant and fact-based with access to all Baylor employees. Sexual assault survivors shared their nightmarish experiences. The Findings of Fact and Recommendations reflected the facts and core failings identified in the investigation. Baylor officials publicly stated they trusted in the validity of the investigation.
Baylor’s officials and coaches were aware of what was going on and some victims were discouraged from reporting the alleged crimes and later harassed when they reported their stories.
Garland is hiding the full findings under the guise of “protecting the victims.”
What a joke. Just simply redact names and give the public more details about what happened.
It’s important to understand what Baylor administrators and what coaches knew and how they reacted (or didn’t react).
It’s important to find out how one of the victims was apparently ignored and targeted for shabby treatment.
The victims will continue to tell their stories even though Baylor’s officials are shielding the truth.
No are no winners at Baylor University. Only losers.

Jim Misunas