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Happy Halloween
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If you have children and they haven’t OD’ed on Halloween candy, they will get another chance on Saturday.
Great Bend celebrated Oct. 31 one week early this year, with the Halloween Parade and Zoo Boo on Oct. 24. This provided children – and the kids at heart among us – to wear their costumes twice and keep in the spirt, so to speak, for a full seven days.
Halloween is a great time to celebrate the changing season, eat chili and listen to a spooky story.

In “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the ghosts and goblins sing: “Aren’t you scared? ... Everybody scream! Life’s no fun without a good scare. That’s our job, but we’re not mean in our town of Halloween!”

On Oct. 30, 1938, a Halloween radio play had many Americans believing we were being attacked by aliens from Mars. The broadcast ended with these words:
“This is Orson Welles, ladies and gentlemen, out of character, to assure you that The War of the Worlds has no further significance than as the holiday offering it was intended to be; The Mercury Theatre’s own radio version of dressing up in a sheet and jumping out of a bush and saying ‘Boo!’
“Starting now, we couldn’t soap all your windows and steal all your garden gates by tomorrow night, so we did the next best thing. We annihilated the world before your very ears and utterly destroyed the CBS. You will be relieved, I hope, to learn that we didn’t mean it, and that both institutions are still open for business. So goodbye everybody, and remember please for the next day or so the terrible lesson you learned tonight. That grinning, glowing, globular invader of your living room is an inhabitant of the pumpkin patch, and if your doorbell rings and nobody’s there, that was no Martian, it’s Halloween.”

Enjoy the day ... and the night. You’ll even get an extra hour of sleep if you remember to turn back your clocks before turning in on Saturday.