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Cutting waste is a great idea
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You’ve gotta give them credit for trying something, but — really?
Kansas State University officials in Salina are going to try something new in an effort to cut back on waste and they deserve a lot of credit for trying.
If they succeed, they deserve more than that.
They deserve to have pretty much everyone in the state to follow their lead, and what they say makes a lot of sense.
What they want to cut is the waste of food, and that should be a goal for everyone.
According to the Associated Press report on the effort: “Kansas State-Salina students won’t be able to carry their food on trays in the university’s cafeterias. The university decided to eliminate the trays this fall in an effort to reduce food waste.”
It has been suggested, according to K-State that “eliminating trays has been shown to reduce food waste by nearly a third because people take less food if they don’t have trays to carry it on.”
It makes perfect sense when you stop to think about it.
In the school cafeterias, it would also seem to make sense for the students to be given smaller portions to begin with and then allowed to get more if they want it. You’d probably throw away less that way too. And if you stop to think about it, that is something that most parents do at home and it cuts waste there, too.
Cutting the waste is a great goal and hopefully there are other school systems around the state and around the nation that will learn a lot from this effort.
— Chuck Smith