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Most of us can remember the chilling portrayal actor Billy Drago pulled off in the 1987 classic big screen version of “The Untouchables.”
Drago played crime enforcer Frank Nitti and in an early scene, he and another hood are hustling a small-time bar owner about buying Al Capone’s boot-leg beer.
The owner says he can’t sell the beer because it’s not very good.
It’s not supposed to be good, it’s supposed to be bought, the anonymous hood says.
“Don’t worry about it, Pops, we won’t come back,” Nitti says, and the two crooks walk out — leaving a briefcase behind.
A little girl, who has been sent to pick up a bucket of beer for her parents, attempts to return the briefcase. She makes it to the front door when you see the entire building explode.
No more problem with beer sales at the rest of the bars in Capone’s area.
Problem solved.
It would be a good motion picture for the citizens of Wisconsin to check out, because they are about to live through the same spirit.
Council 24 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is contacting businesses and “encouraging” them to publicly display signs in their businesses supporting the union.
According to the Associated Press, “The letter says failing to support the union will mean a public boycott of the business. And, that neutral means ‘no’ to supporting the union.”
There is “yes, we’ll do whatever you say,” and there is “no.”
There is no neutral.
There is no opportunity to suggest that the business owner isn’t sure about what stand, if any he wants to make. There is just the choice. Agree or be publicly boycotted at a time of incredible economic instability that is closing private businesses at a historic rate.
Later in “The Untouchables,” Nitti confronts Eliot Ness in front of his house and in a veiled manner threatens his family.
“Hey! Nice house. I said, nice house! Do you live there? Little girl’s havin’ a birthday, huh?”
“Nice to have a family.”
“Yes, it is.”
“A man should take care, see that nothin’ happens to them.”
Presumably, Americans can see where this is heading.
— Chuck Smith