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Do your homework
At election time, be informed, very informed
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In Kansas, we are in the midst of one of the most volatile election seasons in recent memory. We can’t turn to a media outlet without reading, seeing or hearing some political ad.
There are spin doctors everywhere trying to sway us. We must take heed.
 Take the case of Independent candidate and newcomer Greg Orman’s challenge to 47-year-veteran Sen. Pat Roberts.
Orman is broadcasting a new television ad in his campaign for the U.S. Senate in Kansas featuring an endorsement from the state’s retiring GOP insurance commissioner.
The 30-second spot began statewide Monday. It features Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger saying she plans to vote for Orman over three-term Republican Sen. Pat Roberts because she is “ready for a fresh face.”
Orman is an Olathe businessman running as a centrist.
Roberts has campaigned with tea party movement conservatives such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. He calls Orman a liberal Democrat, and his campaign called the new ad “a sham.”
Praeger broke with fellow Republicans by supporting the federal health care overhaul. Orman’s campaign says he and Praeger disagree on health care issues.
This is merely on example. The same story is playing out in Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s fight with Democratic challenger Paul Davis.
But, there is a solution – education. It is the responsibility of the voters to be responsible voters.
We must read, watch and listen to everything we can on both sides of the political spectrum. The extreme elements of both parties tend to be the loudest and we all know that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
If we spend our time watching only the cable news networks that slant one way or the other, we only get a skewed view of reality.
The stakes are way too high. We can’t afford to close our minds off to ideas with which we may not agree.
It is our civic duty to vote, but it is also our duty to be informed when we go to the polls.
Dale Hogg