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Dusty roads lead to nowhwere
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“The EPA is reviewing its airborne pollutant standards, as required every five years under the Clean Air Act. It’s looking both at its standards for tiny particles of industrial pollution, and slightly larger particles called ‘coarse particulate matter’ that include dust.
“Supporters of tougher restrictions said they’re needed to help clear the air of tiny grains that can lodge deep in the lungs, worsening heart and respiratory problems.” — Associated Press report.
So what?
Here’s what.
In case you have noticed this summer that your limited grocery-shopping dollars don’t go as far as they used to, you’ve probably noticed there are two reasons.
One — inflation. Bread, milk, lunchmeat, just about everything is up.
Two — taxes. You are paying eight cents on every dollar here, and believe it or not, it’s higher elsewhere. If spending $100 doesn’t cause you to blink because of your income, you probably don’t care. If you have to budget every $10 purchase, the sales tax growth, which just seems to continue at every level of government where it’s allowed, is affecting you.
So, back to the dust clouds.
If the EPA gets its way, they are going to crack down on dust.
Farmers will have to create less, which means they can just shut down operations in many places.
Rural communities are just supposed to use more gravel, according to one of the proponents, the American Lung Association, as if heavy equipment driving over big rocks doesn’t turn them into small rocks and, eventually, dust.
It’s crazy, but those of you who are budgeting over a $10 purchase won’t be surprised.
Eventually, when we have destroyed the ability for American farmers to produce through the actions of out-of-control government regulators, even the wealthy may wonder how they’ll afford all that imported food.
This is nuts.
— Chuck Smith