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Fight or run
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We deserve.
We want.
We organize.
We take.
Americans can believe it or not. It’s up to us. But if we ignore the lessons that have been exhibited all across the nation, and were repeated most recently the day after Christmas, then we can just continue to foot the bill in both financial losses and personal injury, even death.
We’ve seen the images, such as those from last spring break, when the large group of swim suit clad partiers filled a fast food restaurant and then laughed as a large woman attacked, verbally and physically, a clerk who was just trying to do his job.
The woman was eventually charged, but the rest of the group walked unscathed after doing thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention mistreating HUMAN BEINGS in the process.
This week the similar incident happened in Minnesota, according to the Associated Press report:
“Officials says a moving melee involving scores of juveniles at the Mall of America took police and security officers over an hour to control as shoppers packed the sprawling shopping center the day after Christmas.
“About 50 young people were involved in a fight at a food court Monday afternoon and that dozens of them then swarmed through the Minnesota mall as bystanders ran into stores to get out of the way.”
Here is the interesting point that has gotten somewhat lost in the discussion.
Witnesses reported that members of the mob robbed shoppers and stores in the attacks.
People were just happy they weren’t being attacked. That they weren’t beaten. Their children weren’t killed. The women weren’t dragged off and raped — and don’t pretend it doesn’t happen. Why else were there “rape free zones” established in urban protest areas this fall?
In the midst of all the discussions in our culture, we might want to wake up to the reality that there are large numbers of people who increasingly believe that they are above the law as long as they assemble in numbers large enough to make law enforcement impractical.
We either need to find ways to address this trend, or we need to avoid locals where such numbers are likely.
We can run or we can fight.
Choose, America.
— Chuck Smith