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Fill in the blank
Editorial a chance to cover all insanity in Topeka
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In a sick, twisted sort of way, newspaper editorial writers around the state of Kansas may miss the 2014 legislative session. After all, seldom in the history of this esteemed body of lawmakers has there been a group of legislators who have offered as many inane bills on which for pundits can expound.
It has indeed been a target-rich environment – marriage rights, spanking kids in schools and restricting the right to change political parties. Oh, then there are the attempts to make the state books look better by taking money from counties via the and tries to eliminate  oil and gas depletion fund money and mortgage registration fees.
But, it can grow wearisome. So, below is a generic editorial that writers can use, a template if you will, in which they can merely fill in the blanks.
By the way, this could also be used to generate a letter to the editor if one so desires.
Here it goes:
“The Kansas Legislature has again proven it is out of touch with those it represents. By proposing (insert stupid bill here), lawmakers have reached a new level of insanity.
“The (insert stupid bill here) only goes to show our elected officials listen to a narrow group of special interests, remaining completely oblivious to common sense. It only goes to show that in the minds of lawmakers, the state of Kansas ends at the western Shawnee County line.
“Heck, the actions of our Legislature have even drawn the ridicule of the conservative pundits on Fox News. What are they thinking? This (insert stupid bill here) will give them more fodder and only make our beloved Sunflower State look more foolish in the eyes of the nation.”
Well, this could go on, but it is probably enough. After all, how much does one need to say.
Dale Hogg