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Foster care story touches hearts
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The story of 15-year-old Davion Only, the foster child who asked for a family at church, touched the collective heart of the nation.
“I’ll take anyone,” he said.
Wow. Those who have had the good fortune of having a warm, close-knit family have been blessed and most likely will be continue to be blessed their entire lives. They have had a terrific start on life.
Davion was born in prison, and he has been in the foster care system since.
He had the bravery, the courage and the heart to ask for what he needs. Eckerd Community Alternatives has received about 10,000 requests to adopt this young man.
Yet, last year, 400,000 children languished in foster care in our nation alone.
It is not only Davion who needs a home, but 399,999 other children in foster care need a home.
What about the children who have handicaps, who are mentally or physically challenged or who are so beaten down, that it never occurs to them to ask for assistance?
They are in the system because they have been abused already or have witnessed abuse in the home, in many cases.
The prognosis of children who grow up in foster care is not good.
After aging out of the system, many foster care children end up homeless because they have no resources and no place to live. Estimates range from 20-60 percent will end up homeless. Many never complete high school, and many, many more end up in prison themselves.
Many will have psychiatric issues that will keep them from living a fulfilling life.
For anyone who has love to share, offering adoption to any of these children or even healthy, continuous foster care can change lives.