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Gun training is a good idea
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Fall at Lone Star Lake.
It would be difficult to imagine anything more inspiring.
The hardwood trees are turning amazing colors in the secluded area near Lawrence.
The crisp air is tinged with the spicy smell of fallen leaves.
And this year there’s an additional attraction.
A growing number of Lawrence residents are traveling to the lake to learn about guns.
It’s no joke.
According to the Associated Press release, “Lawrence area residents have been taking part in a class geared toward teaching beginning hunters the basics of firearm and hunting safety.
“About 100 beginning hunters learned about gun safety, conservation and hunting ethics at the Fraternal Order of Police lodge near Lone Star Lake.”
Whether these people get out and use the skills they are learning or not, whether they plan to get involved in hunting or not, it’s a good thing that they are learning about guns, because we have guns in the world around us.
The Lawrence FOP isn’t the only agency to offer such classes, of course.
Local law enforcement do so on occasion, too, and they are a good idea.
These experts are able to help people learn how to be safe around guns.
And that is a good thing — whether you get to do it surrounded by the beauty of Lone Star Lake or not.
— Chuck Smith