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Hard choice with lesser of two evils
Not so Super
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It’s a Super Bowl that even Dr. Evil would not appreciate.
The villain portrayed in Mike Myers’ movie would have nothing good to say about the Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots.
It’s hard to imagine a worse Super Bowl with teams you don’t like.
One of Seattle’s shining stars is famous for making obscene gestures and getting fined for not talking to the media.
Marshawn Lynch illustrates everything that’s wrong with multi-millionaire athletes. He makes obscene gestures when he scores touchdowns.
When Lynch isn’t getting fined for not speaking with the media, he is making the NFL look like clowns when he fails to answer any question by giving the same senseless non-answer like, “Thanks for asking,” or “I’m here so I won’t get fined.”
He isn’t even Seattle’s most despicable character. Cornerback Richard Sherman has a reputation for trashing opponents off and on the field.
By the way, Seattle leads the league in suspensions for using illegal drugs that enhance performance.
New England?
Where do we start?
The Patriots made their first Super Bowl on a botched officials’ call.
Pretty boy quarterback Tom Brady begs and gets every call from the officials. There’s so many Tom Brady rules that protect NFL quarterbacks that I can’t count them all. Brady also orchestrated the latest deflated football fiasco.
Coach Bill Belichick? That’s the guy who illegally taped the New York Jets’ signals.
The Patriots are famous for signing any player who has quit on his team or committed an unsportsmanlike act that made a previous team cut them. They are the Raiders with talent.
I can’t stand either team.
Ar least the Kansas City Chiefs beat both Super Bowl teams.

Jim Misunas