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How does this garden grow?
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Gardening isn’t for every body.
To be honest, gardening is hard work.
You have to prepare the ground, create a good seed bed, plant, weed, water, weed some more, and, finally if you do everything right, you get a harvest — unless when you don’t, of course.
That’s right.
Some years, even when you do everything right, when you do all the work you are supposed to, you still don’t get a harvest and through no fault of your own.
Storms, drought, pests all can conspire to ruin your garden.
Kansas, and now Barton County, are gardening with the Kansas Department of Commerce Kansas Economic Gardening Network.
It’s not a sure thing, but when it succeeds, it will be well worth the effort.
“The Kansas pilot program will provide economic gardening assistance at no charge to 35-40 Kansas businesses in rural communities statewide. These selected businesses will interact with an experienced national economic gardening team who will deliver economic gardening services tailored to each business’s particular situation,” according to KDoC information.
County Administrator Richard Boeckman is hoping to work with local businesses to get them this support and if you have such a business and are interested, contact him, 793-1800 and he’ll get you all the information you need.
Kansas is right to grow its own successes.
When it works, it could give us a harvest that will feed us for years.
— Chuck Smith