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Icy Sidewalks
We know it's coming
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When Great Bend merchants hold their annual Icy Sidewalk Sale in January, they always hope the sidewalks aren’t really icy. We’ve had some days this month when a walk downtown would be pleasant enough, but Saturday isn’t expected to be one of them.
On Thursday, the National Weather Service office at Wichita warned that Barton County might be hit with a major ice storm. Over the next three days, up to 1 inch accumulation of ice is possible.
By now we’ve covered all of the safety tips for safe driving, safe home heating and emergency preparedness, so what more is there to say except, “Be careful.”
Consider these tips on walking over ice, inspired by an article posted by the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois (
Choose your steps wisely. “Black ice” is nearly invisible, so when it’s freezing outside assume that all wet, dark spots on pavement are slippery. Keep your hands out of your pockets. Maintain your balance and take short steps or shuffle for stability. Choose appropriate footwear and other clothing. Wear a bright scarf or hat so drivers can see you. Wear a bulky coat that can cushion you if you should fall.
If you do venture out, remember that the Icy Sidewalk Sale starts at 10 a.m. Saturday.