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Kansas needs to get serious about DUI
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It’s not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction.
At least it’s a little step, a baby step, in the right direction.
Kansas, now has a new law, as of July, that says you have to use special ignition equipment for anyone who drives drunk.
According to the Associated Press report on this issue: “Kansas will require first-time drunken driving offenders to use ignition interlock devices on their vehicles, starting in July.
“Gov. Sam Brownback signed a bill Wednesday that strengthens the state’s laws against driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
“The new law also requires the state to set up a central database of driving-under-the-influence cases to track of offenders’ histories.
“Current law suspends a first-time DUI offender’s license for 30 days and allows a judge to order use of an ignition interlock for 330 days after that. The new law will mandate 180 days’ use after the suspension.”
Don’t like it?
Don’t drink and drive.
It’s just as simple as that.
What is it going to take for us to get that idea across?
You want to go boozing?
As long as you are of legal age, fine.
Enjoy your alcohol.
Just do the rest of us a favor.
Stay out from behind the wheel.
Drink at home.
Get someone else to drive.
Walk home.
Call somebody.
Turn yourself in to the cops.
Spend the night in the bar or at your friend’s house.
Just stay out from behind the wheel.
Hopefully this new law will actually be enforced and won’t just be another line in a book that isn’t paid attention to.
Kansas really needs to take the issue seriously.
With everything else that is facing our society today, it’s just stupid that we haven’t gotten serious about putting and end to this issue.
— Chuck Smith