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Leaked bracket is fitting karma
Selection show falls flat
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We really like television — that’s why we watch it every day.
But bad television — like poor service — won’t bring you back.
The latest NCAA basketball selection show sponsored by CBS was the latest example of poor television.
What had been an hour show (which is just right) was extended to two hours because enough advertisers signed up.
The addition of a clown like Charles Barkley was a disaster for CBS. Barkley has admitted he doesn’t watch much (if any) college basketball until he’s actually paid to watch college basketball during the tournament.
Had this been a situation comedy, Barkley would’ve been a top 10 hit. But he was a joke and CBS executives were complete morons to throw an ill-prepared Barkley in front of the cameras. Barkley was challenged to touch a screen with a team’s name to advance it to the next round.
One good thing — NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” is already preparing this week’s skit on the NCAA basketball selection show.
At least one viewer had enough with how slow the brackets were announced.
After 25 minutes, a Twitter handle going by “Sarcastic Prick” leaked an entirely accurate bracket — with three-quarters of the bracket yet to be revealed on television.
Instead of finding out on national television they’d been bypassed, teams like South Carolina, St. Mary’s and Monmouth found out on social media.  
It was the definition of karma. Just tell us which teams are going to play in the 2016 NCAA Tournament.
We haven’t even got into teams that never should’ve gotten in (Tulsa, Vanderbilt) and teams that rightfully had done everything in their power to get in (Monmouth, St. Bonaventure) other than lose one post-season game.
There a couple things guaranteed — death, taxes and the smaller schools outside of the major conferences will be snubbed.
Welcome to March Mayhem!
Jim Misunas