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Make your own choice
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The suggestion is clear.
You don’t have enough on the ball to make your own choices.
Not for what you wear, what you eat and drink and certainly not in regards to who charts the course of your nation.
The American celebrity industry has been beating that into the collective American noggin for years now, but it’s never been more obvious than in the last few election cycles, when the Hollywood and boob tube elite have come right out and told us we need them to steer our course.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
But this cycle they seem confused.
Or at least they are reconsidering their recent affections, according to recent announcements.
Consider this recent Associated Press report that noted: “ ... there’s clearly a different mood in heavily Democratic Hollywood.
“That means less gushing, not to mention snippets of criticism, most prominently from actor Matt Damon, who campaigned for President Obama last time but now makes no secret of his disillusionment.
“‘I think he misinterpreted his mandate,’ Damon said earlier this year. He recently told ‘Elle’ magazine the country would have been better off with a one-term president with guts, although he used a saltier word.
“The adulation of the 2008 election may be significantly muted among Hollywood liberals, as with liberals elsewhere, but Obama’s supporters say that’s only natural, given the circumstances. Fund raisers there say that events have been selling out and there’s plenty of enthusiasm.
“They also say the nation has focused on the GOP race to pick a challenger to Obama and that once that choice is made, the Democratic base will become energized.”
That may well be, but in the process, how about this suggestion, America?
How about we choose our leader according to our beliefs and to the adoption of those beliefs by a candidate, instead of basing a choice on either the adulation of celebrities for one candidate or the lampooning of another.
Believe it or not, these celebrities do have their own ax to grind. And they are not any smarter than the rest of us. They are just incredibly better paid, with far less expected of them, especially in character.
Free people have long been told they are not smart enough to make their own choices. That is one of the ways those opposed to the rights of man attempt to steal them.
Well, you are bright enough to make your own choice.
It’s a good suggestion to do so after putting some effort into finding the candidate who most closely agrees with your core beliefs.
If that is the present administration, good for you. Stick to your guns, regardless of what Matt Damon and his ilk spout.
If not, pick a candidate according to your beliefs, not according to what a talking head spouts out of an infernal contraption.
— Chuck Smith