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NFL bad boy Incognito recognized by everyone
Poster child
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So much for keeping a low profile.
Former Miami Dolphin lineman Richie Incognito has done a lot of bad deeds in his life.
The NFL’s latest poster child for bad behavior is Incognito, accused of bullying a teammate so mercilessly that he quit the Dolphins.  
The Dolphins paid Incognito $4 million a year before they finally suspended him (for life) last week.
Incognito may be a lot of things, but he claims he’s not a racist despite using racist language against a teammate. He may have used mean, abusive and threatening language (i.e., “I will murder your whole family”) to his teammates, but he said his actions were all in the name of “love.”
It makes you wonder what Incognito did to people he really didn’t like.
Incognito has boasted of how he extorted money from rookies for leisure trips, grandiose meals and entertainment. But his biggest mistake was leaving a voice mail laced with racial insults against his teammate.
But it’s not all Richie’s fault. His parents have been described as “psychotic.” Incognito has tried to deal with his lack of emotional control. He was reportedly treated for anger management in 2003 at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka.
University of Nebraska football coach Bill Callahan had the good sense to kick Incognito off the football team after Incognito was ruled guilty of misdemeanor assault after allegedly attacking a woman and man at a party. His Nebraska departure was described by a writer as “one giant headache gone from the Nebraska sports scene.”
Oregon coach Mike Bellotti had the foresight to never let Incognito play football for the Ducks.
The St. Louis Rams kicked Incognito off their football team in 2009. That happened after Incognito head-butted two opponents in a loss to the Tennessee Titans.
Incognito epitomizes everything that’s scary about the NFL. On the field, Incognito was a league-leader for racking up penalty yards and cheap shots. He makes Detroit Lion tackle Ndamukong Suh look like a Vienna Choir Boy.
He was once voted as the NFL’s dirtiest player, a well-deserved label that made a losing team like the Dolphins want him even more.
Off the field, Incognito has been accused of sexually assaulting women and threatening people who criticize him.
Incognito’s off-field lack of judgment was showcased on last year’s HBO series “Hard Knocks.” Incognito hacked into teammate’s Michael Egnew’s iPad and posted messages on his Facebook account. In August, Incognito was involved in a fight with a security guard at a nightclub in Miami Beach, although no charges were filed.
It is amazing that someone with a lack of anger management like Incognito would be voted to the Miami Dolphins’ leadership council.
The Dolphins apparently thought it was a good idea to let the inmates run the asylum.

Jim Misunas