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No yellow flags
Dont let drinking sack your big game party
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It’s the Sunday that many in the Sunflower State look forward to all year. The time to gather around your televisions for football and commercial watching, in a tradition known as Super Bowl Sunday.
While sharing the latest cheese dip or hearty bowls of chili, many fans may be more inclined to drink and drive. They run the risk of turning what has become a national celebration into a day of tragedy.
That is why the Kansas Department of Transportation urges Kansans to plan ahead to avoid driving drunk and face the possibility of being arrested, or worse. KDOT Traffic Safety Manager Chris Bortz said it best.
“We all play a part in eliminating drunk driving,” he said. “Make the right play and pass your keys to a sober designated driver, because we all agree: “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.”
Law enforcement at the state and local levels are committed to keeping our roads safe and will be on the look-out to tackle impaired drivers this weekend. Col. Ernest E. Garcia, superintendent of the Kansas Highway Patrol, added that Kansans can set the right example.
“We want everyone to have a good time, but if your plans include alcohol, celebrate responsibly,” Garcia said. “Have a plan by designating your sober driver before the game. And always buckle up.”
In addition to encouraging fans to designate a sober driver, party hosts should take steps to make sure their guests don’t remember the party for all the wrong reasons.
“Having a sober designated driver is just smart thinking and a smart move for all football fans who want to enjoy this and future big games together,” Bortz said. “And never let your friends drive if they’ve been drinking.”
Whether a Broncos fan or a Seahawks fan, and regardless of which team wins, we all want to make it home, and make it home without fumbling.
Dale Hogg