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Plan ahead for winter safety
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The Tribune is providing some suggestions about keeping safe in winter disasters this week. Not because this storm qualifies as a “disaster.”
We’ve seen disasters elsewhere this winter, however, and we know too well how easily disaster can hit in this part of the world.
From blizzards to floods to tornadoes, we know how quickly a day can turn from decent to deadly.
We have seen the storms roll in and shut down communities — and worse.
We have not experienced winter tornadoes, but the reports from eastern Missouri this winter are not unknown to us. We recognize that in just a few days, we could see the same sort of conditions here.
Those of us who have live through more than just a few Great Plains winters know just how quickly we can go from aortic to tropical, and we have seen the damage that can come with those weather changes.
So, it’s a good idea to put some thought into preparations.
Here are a few of the items that safety officials recommend having on hand in case there is severe enough weather that things shut down for a few days.
They can make the difference between being inconvenienced and being unable to support yourselves.
Consider setting aside:
• Three days of water in safe bottles.
• Three days of nonperishable food and a manual can opener.
• First aid kit and any prescriptions or other medical supplies.
• Flashlights and batteries.
• Weather radio.
• Extra clothing.
• Shoes.
• Sanitation items to keep clean without running water.
• Blankets.
• Photocopies of important personal documents — driver’s licenses, IDs, etc.
Oh, yes, one other thing.
When you’ve set aside the canned food, don’t dip into it rather than running to the store during normal weather.
These items need to be on hand when the time comes.
— Chuck Smith