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Pope Francis named Time's Person of the Year
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Pope Francis was named Time’s Person of the Year. He is a good choice.
Change can be good. This is true for this new pope as he reaches out to the least among us, which is a great change. He is becoming known as the people’s pope, only having been in the position since March 2013.
The pope even posed for a “selfie” or self-portrait on a cell phone with teens, showing his ability to keep up with the times. He chooses simpler vestments and lives in the guesthouse rather than in the Apostolic Palace.
Pope Francis stood out “as someone who has changed the tone and perception and focus of one of the world largest institutions in an extraordinary way,” Time Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs said Wednesday.
The new pope is known for his humility, concern for the poor, and disregard of the modern trappings of papal life.
He has focused on compassion and mercy instead of laws. This is a higher calling and no doubt more uncomfortable and harder. He has spoken out about acceptance.
The new pope is about healing the broken and not about policing rules. He has time for the children, the disabled and those with the least influence just as Jesus did.
While there are many on this earth who are not Catholic, the pope still has a profound influence upon the world today that spreads beyond one religion.
Hopefully, Pope Francis will inspire others with his heart. Even at the age of 76, he continues to energetically work hard and make a contribution.
While one may not agree with his religious views, his example is a good one that is sorely needed.
Karen La Pierre