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Prevention and planning
Before taking a holiday trip, be prepared
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 As many of us prepare to visit family and friends over the Christmas holiday, they will be joining throngs of Americans going over the river and through the woods. The American Automobile Association reports that travel by car remains the most popular mode of transportation.

Added to this motorist frenzy is the great unknown factor – the unpredictable Kansas weather. Indeed, forecasters are calling for the first winter storm of the season.

Lots of motorists. The possibility of bad weather. Not a good combination.

However, the Kansas Department of Transportation has a new system in place that allows travelers to scout their routes before they hit the road. It pulls together National Weather Service information, as well as information on road conditions and traffic counts. It has maps and links to cameras with live feeds from key points along the state’s highways.

Authorities also remind drivers to make sure their cars are in tip-top shape and to have emergency kits packed, just in case.

So, before we pack, bundle up and hit the road to grandmother’s house, let’s make sure we take a few precautions first. After all, we can’t enjoy that turkey or green bean casserole if we don’t arrive.

Take care and make all trips as safe as possible.

Dale Hogg