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Real-life training for students a building block
Life savers
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All of the future nurses, criminal justice majors and medical-oriented students received their test under fire.
Students in nursing, law enforcement, EMS training and lab technicians learned valuable lessons in simulated exercises that portrayed authentic life-and-death situations Saturday at Barton Community College.  
Emergency medical services students and others from related criminal justice and medical programs conducted drills and practiced operational procedures in lifelike emergency scenarios.
More than 150 people participated as students, teachers, mentors and volunteers.
You can talk about learning lessons and passing tests, but the true measure of emergency medical personnel is whether they get the job done in real life.
Emergency medical technicians saw first hand how to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes.
Mentors provided valuable feedback.
Karyl White expertly directs the EMS education program at Barton Community College.
Students enrolled in Barton’s nursing, criminal justice and various medical specialties were tested by a variety of medical situations.
It’s an absolutely brilliant strategy to verify what the students are learning.
That is what education is meant to be.

Jim Misunas