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Share reading with a kid
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It’s not likely that our children are going to value that which they don’t see being valued at home or in the society around them.
So if they don’t see us pick up a book from time to time, if they don’t observe those around them being excited by the written word, we really shouldn’t be surprised if they never look beyond a computer game or a program on TV to influence them.
Some Kansas leaders are doing something about that this weekend, and they are promoting an issue that the rest of us need to take seriously.
This week, Kansas First Lady Mary Brownbak is going to students in Topeka and on Saturday, state officials will feature David Eisenhower as the host of the Kansas Book Festival at the state historic society in Topeka.
Eisenhower, the grandson of President Dwight Eisenhower, will talk about a book he and his wife wrote about Ike’s life, and the event will also feature the presentation of the 2011 Kansas Notable Book Awards.
But, just as there are books elsewhere in the state than Topeka, there should be such events around the state, too.
When there are opportunities to read for kids, adults should step up and share. We need to read with our children and grandchildren. We need to make sure the children in our lives have access to books.
They can’t read them if they don’t have them.
If we hope to have an educated generation following behind us, then we need to make sure that generation grows up reading.
It’s up to us.
— Chuck Smith