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Showcasing what is important
Fair a chance for county to shine
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 The 2016 Barton County Fair opens this week. This annual tradition is a showcase for youth and adults from all over the county to demonstrate talents and be get the recognition they justly deserve. It is also an opportunity for the county to join for a week of family entertainment. 

But, most importantly, it is a chance to remember what makes us who we are and how we got here – proud, self reliant and focused on common sense. It is increasingly important to remind ourselves of that as we are constantly bombarded by the loud, obnoxious claims of many politicians in this divisive politically charged year.

This marks the silver anniversary edition of the fair. Barton County had its first county in 1878 and the event evolved over the ensuing decades into the award-winning event we have now.

The Barton County Fair has won 19 International Fairs and Festivals awards. Organizers credit the army of volunteers and the Friends of the Fair organization.

This success has been built on the continuation of long-held traditions and the addition of new ideas, keeping it fresh and original.

This event pays homage to our rural lifestyle, agriculture, arts and crafts, gardening and the pioneering spirit that made these plains our home so many years ago. Sometimes mocked as being “hooky” by those who don’t understand the rural way of life, we have nothing to be ashamed of here. The exhibits and the contest entries submitted by local folks prove this.

Now, head to the fair and take in the sites and the smells. While there, stand tall and be proud.

Dale Hogg