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Starting Jan. 1, don't text and drive
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Starting next week, it will be against the law in Kansas to drive, hold a cell phone in one hand and type text into it with the other. So, it will be against the law to steer with your feet.
However you’ve done it in the past, the police can now pull you over and give you a ticket for doing it any longer, after Jan. 1.
There will be a $60 fine plus local court costs, which aren’t cheap.
You also are not allowed to accept instant messages and e-mail while driving, according to the Associated Press.
“Lt. Robert Baker, of the Kansas Highway Patrol, says officers can easily tell the difference between texting and making a phone call. He told The Lawrence Journal-World that someone making a phone call looks at the phone for only a few seconds, while texting requires looking at the phone for much longer.
“The law includes exceptions for reading emergency, traffic and weather related alerts, and to report a crime.”
What ever it is that you find so crucial to communicate, from now on, please pull over first, or wait until you get to your destination.
Sure, this is just a slap on the wrist. They really ought to ban you from cell phone use, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.
 — Chuck Smith