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Take a second helping
More reasons to be thankful
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Many of us spent Thanksgiving with family, enjoying a meal and recalling all of the reasons we have to give thanks (starting with family and an abundance of healthy food).
We live in a free county, a country of laws, which means we should be able to enjoy a certain level of safe homes, clean water and affordable housing. The economy is improving, and more people have jobs and health insurance.
There certainly are needs in our homes, communities, nation — even our planet. Opportunities to help make this a better place are many. The world needs volunteers, doers and spectators, too! Giving financially may also be an option, and next week’s Giving Tuesday would be an excellent time to consider supporting a favorite cause or two.
We’re also thankful for those who plan to spend the next several hours shopping. Hey, maybe it’s the leftover turkey talking, but you are helping the economy (don’t forget to look at the local ads in your daily newspaper) and finding a special something for a special someone.
“In every thing give thanks.”