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Terrorism is pure evil
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There is nothing religious about killing innocent people.
You can’t imagine that anyone’s life goal is to kill themselves.
Yet, that the obvious conclusion to any reasonable person when innocent Frenchmen were senselessly murdered by a band of so-called religious zealots.
It makes no sense.
Instead of respecting and valuing life, these murderers convince themselves their lives do not matter and neither does anyone’s else life.
All because of a misguided notion that sacrificing their lives will result in a satisfactory after-life.
They give their so-called religion a bad name and make everyone who actually practice that religion without actually killing anyone cringe.
Most if not all of these murderous fanatics are believed to take training in Syria or a similar-Middle Eastern country. None of these murderers did any of these deeds independently or by themselves.
No family member of any of the murderers want to be associated with such cowardly acts of terrorism.
Even the Russians, for God’s sake, have condemned the senseless violence that brought down a Russian plane and killed hundreds of innocent victims.
State after state has resisted inviting any Syrian-born refugees to their home state.
President Barack Obama welcomes such refugees. I would welcome all 10,000 of them to Washington, D.C. That will surely make all of the politicians sleep well at night.
Or maybe not.
The U.S. should immediately suspend any refugee from Syria or any country that is deemed similar in nature.

Jim Misunas