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Give thanks for Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving has arrived; let the holiday begin.
We’ve anticipated today since Halloween, even as we reminded ourselves not to “overlook” the fourth Thursday in November for the coming Christmas season.
Far from being overlooked, Thanksgiving is steeped in tradition. Who doesn’t have memories of holiday traditions?

There are so many things for which we can be thankful. For many of us, much of the time, those things may include family, friends, laughter, health, a steady income and financial security. But, while you can have a great apartment, a great job and a great relationship — you may not have all three at the same time. Even when our lives lack one or more of these things there are always some blessings bestowed upon us. In the tough times — and in good, too — experts remind us that being thankful is good for the soul.

For example, Certified Business Coach Christy B. Wright suggests we should be “thankful for thankfulness” in a blog she wrote for financial guru Dave Ramsey’s website, she gives 10 reasons why, including: thankfulness creates contentment; it feels good; it creates humility; it promotes generosity and it keeps us healthy. “Thankfulness improves relationships,” Wright goes on to say. It produces positivity and it is contagious.

Isn’t it odd how we can be thankful for “little” things — like the beauty of a sunrise or the joy of reading the Sunday paper with a cup of coffee? But being grateful can be much bigger than that. It is the opposite of being ungrateful, of considering ourselves entitled and better than others.
Whether you have a gratitude list or not, take a moment now and then to remember the good things in life. If you can, pass that gratitude on to someone else. You’ll be thankful that you did.