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Thanks for the fresh air, your honor
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What a breath of fresh air.
We thought it was encouraging to get a little rain Wednesday morning, but that was mild compared to the fresh breeze that flew out of the district court in Wichita this week when District Judge Monti Belot ruled in the “nude servitude” case there.
You may remember a few years back when Wichita made the news with its “nude therapy” con.
Arlan and Linda Kaufman were convicted back in November, 2006 of making mentally ill people work in the nude and to be available for sex.
And the Kaufmans were billing the government and the families of the patients for their “nude therapy.”
That’s right.
They were getting their housework done. They were getting their thrills. And they were getting paid by the victims’ families, oh, yes, and by you taxpayers, too.
Well, recently Judge Belot had to deal with the issue again, according to a report from the Associated Press this week.
It noted that Belot “rebuffed claims of ineffective legal counsel from a Kansas social worker sentenced to 30 years for enslaving mentally ill residents of a Newton group home.
“Belot ruled Monday that Arlan Kaufman received extraordinary representation by his trial and appellate counsel and is entitled to no relief.”
But not only did the judge make an appropriate and wise ruling, he took it a step further, which is when the fresh air blew through the courts.
“Belot said in his ruling that Arlan Kaufman’s treatment by the courts is not only consistent with his rights, but is far better than the so-called treatment he provided to the emotionally damaged individuals entrusted to his and his wife’s care.”
Darned right, your honor.
— Chuck Smith