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The big picture, Immigration is a good thing
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Immigration is a good thing for the U.S. It keeps our population growing and culturally diverse. Women are generally valued for their contributions.
Countries such as Russia, Eastern Europe, Japan, most of Western Europe and Greenland all have sub-replacement fertility rates. There just are not enough babies in those countries.
At least two countries offer financial incentives, subsidies, and paid time off for women to have children. According to Time magazine, Singapore offers $18,000 for a second and third child, Australia offers a $5,000 bonus and biweekly payments, and parts of Japan, $4,600 at birth and $460 annually for 10 years.
On the other side of the coin, there are countries that struggle with overpopulation. Two countries, China and India, have found one solution to their problems-kill or abort baby girls. China and India both practice female infanticide on a regular basis. In India, girls have been aborted so that the 2011 census showed that for every 1,000 boys six years or younger there were only 914 girls.
In China, the one child only policy has led to similar rates, according to Time, which has been practicing the one child policy since 1979.
What a mess.
A Chinese boy may work and provide for his parents in old age, but they may never have grandchildren. That boy may never have a wife or child.
These countries need to work together, and come up with a common sense solution. The common sense thing to do for countries with declining population would be to open there borders to the overcrowded countries.
Why wouldn’t they do this?
Probably for the same reason some people in the United States don’t want immigration.
Displacement of discontent?
Our fresh across the border people tend to be courageous people. They’ve risked their life to come. Furthermore, Asians are the largest group of new arrivals, accounting for 36 percent of immigrants while 31 percent are Hispanics, according to CNN.
We are all immigrants to this land, including Native Americans who crossed the Bering Strait, between Russia and Alaska to settle in what is now the U.S.
The immigrants of today take jobs we don’t want. They’ll pick grapes and tomatoes and work in slaughterhouses. The Asians value education at a much higher level than the average American.
Immigrants are keeping the population growing in the U.S. We do not have the difficulties of declining population. They bring in fresh ideas and provide hope for the weary.
They also value their baby girls.

Karen La Pierre